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Pur Evolution

PÜR Evolution - Seal Oil Omega 3 Dog and Cat Supplement

PÜR Evolution - Seal Oil Omega 3 Dog and Cat Supplement

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PÜR Evolution seal oil omega 3 dog and cat supplement is your ally to support daily nutritional needs and promote a healthy immune system. This seal oil is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA and is also an excellent source of DPA. These three sources combined of Omega-3 fatty sources interact simultaneously to provide optimal benefits. This symbiosis of omega-3 is an added value for your pet's health. A few benefits of seal oil include:

  • It promotes a healthy skin and coat
  • Anti-inflammatory  
  • Joint mobility and maintenance
  • Immune system 
  • Cognitive support 
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Growth and reproduction

Why this seal oil?

  • 100% Natural
  • Limited oxidation and optimized shelf life: When the oil is stored as recommended, it can be kept longer than other oils
  • Very light odour and taste 
  • The only oil to offer omega-3 in DPA form  
  • Made, refined and bottled in Canada! 
  • Distributed by a 100% Quebec-based company
  • Superior absorption rate and rapid assimilation
  • Safe alternative for dogs allergic to fish products and sensitive stomachs.

How to use it:

  • Add the suggested daily serving to your dog or cat's food following the recommendations on the chart below (a pump is included):

 chien huile loup marin omega seal oil

  • Pumps for bottles: 250 ml = 1.2 ml, 500ml = 2ml and 1 L ml = 2 ml


  • ADH/DHA 8.14%    8.14 g/100g   73 mg/ml or 366 mg/5ml
  • AEP/EPA  6.28%    6.28 g/100g   54 mg/ml or 283 mg/5ml
  • ADP/DPA  4.22%    4.22 g/100g  36 mg/ml or 190 mg/5ml

Ingredients: Seal oil, tocopherols

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