About us

As pet parents, we all want to choose what’s best for our furry companions. However, choosing what’s best for them can be confusing, time consuming and involve hours spent reading and researching. We know what we are talking about, we have been through this process with our own companion. This is why we decided that we would do the research for you and offer you a range of products that are thoughtfully researched and chosen to provide you with peace of mind.
From food made of high-quality ingredients, to mentally stimulating toys, to grooming products made of natural ingredients: we got you covered!
In fact, we believe that when it comes to your pets’ essentials less is more. This is why we offer a range of limited-ingredient foods as well as single and limited-ingredient treats. We also know that mental stimulation and play time is highly beneficial for your pets, but we also know that keeping them busy can sometimes be time consuming. This is why we offer a range of interactive toys and other mentally stimulating solutions to keep your pets busy and healthy. When it comes to pet grooming products, just like human personal products, there are many unhealthy options out there and we are proud to offer your pets products made with natural ingredients and free of harmful ingredients. Moreover, we realized that it was not always easy to find trendy and beautiful yet safe and comfortable accessories for our fur companions so we did our research on that front too to offer you just that.
Now, you might be wondering where the name “Pawparazzi” comes from? Well, it comes from our mission: We aim to make your companion shine from the inside out … and we believe that this will make “pawparazzi” chase him or her!
Before we go, we wanted to introduce you to a very valuable member of our team and our official tester, madame Cleo, who developed her taste for fresh ingredients at a very young age!
We look forward to meeting you and interacting with you and your furry companions!