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Pur Evolution

PÜR Evolution - Raw Beef Bone Dog Chew

PÜR Evolution - Raw Beef Bone Dog Chew

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This Raw Beef Bone Dog Chew is the perfect chew for dogs who love to chew on real meaty bones. This bone comes from the beef's neck. Raw bones are recommended to mentally stimulate your pup and to keep their teeth clean and tartar free.

Size: approx. 5" long, perfect for small, medium and large size dogs


  • Raw bones should never be cooked: Cooking weakens the bones, making them more brittle and potentially causing perforations or blockages.
  • Raw bones are meant to be gnawed on: They are designed to be chewed and not eaten.
  • Choose the right bone for your dog's jaw size and strength: It's vital to ensure that the size of the recreational bone is adapted to your dog's size. There's no such thing as a bone that's too big, but one that's too small can be dangerous for your dog. The risk of broken teeth cannot be ruled out.
  • Always give recreational bones under supervision: All sessions must be supervised. Some dogs have more 'aggressive' chewing habits and need extra caution.


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