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Noba - MIST Catnip Spray

Noba - MIST Catnip Spray

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Mess FREE! NOBA MIST is a 100% natural and stimulates your feline, encourages play and increases exercise, inspiring even the most inactive cats to play on all four legs. When you use NOBA MIST, nap time is officially over!

  • You can spray it on toys or scratchers to add a special touch of playfulness by encouraging proper scratching behavior. How to use: lightly spray Noba Mist on a toy or on your cat’s favorite resting areas as well as on scratching posts. Cats will not be able to resist.
  • The effects of catnip last 10-20 minutes for a healthy play session
  • Made with a single ingredient, it’s just what your cat needs for a supercharged play session.

Size: 1.56 oz

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