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Kooky Kat

Kooky Kat - Herbal Blendz (Catnip)

Kooky Kat - Herbal Blendz (Catnip)

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This herbal blend combines catnip, valerian root, honeysuckle, and catmint herbs. It is a perfect herbal mixture for finicky felines! This mix is the first product to combine carefully proportioned amounts of potent CATNIP buds, clean organic VALERIAN root, the purified extract from steam distilled HONEYSUCKLE wood and the fragrant CATMINT. 

The response to catnip by your cat is a genetically linked trait. If your cats do not have the genes to respond to catnip they will not enjoy it. This herbal mixture provides the solution for cats that do not respond to conventional catnip. 

The mixture comes in plastic container with two-sided lids tops for easy shaking or pouring, perfect for everywhere entertainment!

Size: 1 oz/28 g

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