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I-Med Pharma

I-Med Pharma - I-Lid 'N Lash Tear Stains Eye Wipes

I-Med Pharma - I-Lid 'N Lash Tear Stains Eye Wipes

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Ocular Hygiene Cleanser: Prevents Tear Stains and Eliminates Facial Fold Odors.

  • Effectively cleanses the lid and lashes and prevents tear stains and hinders recurrence by reducing the bio-burden
  • I-LID ’N LASH VET is the safest, most effective, daily no-rinse application to prevent tear stains and clean the eyelids and lashes.
  • I-LID ’N LASH VET is also effective at preventing facial fold odors in certain breeds of dogs, such as Pugs, Boston Terriers and Bulldogs.
  • I-LID ’N LASH VET is a gentle daily hygiene cleanser for eyelids and lashes that prevents tear stains and removes residue and secretions without containing harsh chemicals or antibiotics.
  • It is formulated by I-MED Animal Health, a world leader in ocular surface disorder (OSD) management, offers uniquely formulated hyaluronan-based products.
  • After 7-10 days of daily use, new fur will begin to grow stain-free.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Simple Daily Application, No Antibiotics or Harmful Chemical.

Size: 60 wipes

Appropriate for: Dogs & Cats

How to use them

  • Simply apply the product in a circular motion on the fur surrounding the eyes
  • Gently wipe eyelids and surrounding areas away from eyelids and lid margins
  • Wipe stained fur or beneath facial folds to reduce tear stains and odors
  • No need to rinse-off
  • For the best results, it is recommended to shave off existing stained fur and use daily

Best practices: The best results are obtained if the product is applied and not rinsed off. It is also recommended to shave off existing stained fur for optimal results. This product will not remove existing stains but will prevent new stains from forming, as well as lessen the existing stain. 

Ingredients: Water, poloxamer, polyethylene glycol, glycerin, borate, hyaluronan, carbopol 940, potassium sorbate, EDTA citric acid.

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