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Noba (Cateco)

Cateco - Odor Eliminating Litter Box

Cateco - Odor Eliminating Litter Box

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Thanks to its One-of-a-Kind air circulation technology and instant aeration. Say goodbye to odors! This litter box is clinically proven odor-elimination rate of up to 86% and uses up to 40% less litter than with a standard litter box! 

Dimensions: 21.5 x 17 x 13.25"

What is included: This kit includes a Cateco litter box with extension walls, matching Noba Scoop and a pack of 10 Dry Pads.


  • Odor controlThe Cateco litter box’s unique air circulation technology dries up the litter area in a natural, continuous manner. This significantly restricts the proliferation of potentially harmful bacteria, also responsible for strong, foul odors. It is clinically proven to reduce odors by up to 86%. (Tests conducted in an ISO 17025 laboratory).
  • Natural: The Cateco litter box’s unique air circulation technology naturally neutralizes even the smallest clumps, left behind during daily maintenance (even if thorough), which end up contaminating the entire litter box and making it malodorous. This feature allows Cateco litter box owners to extend the period of time between complete cleanings.
  • Simple: Liquids that reach the bottom of the Cateco® litter box simply go through the Aerator Mesh (which is tear and puncture proof) and are absorbed in the Cateco® Dry-Pad, placed in the lower part of the litter box. Consequently, complete cleanings are much less frequent: we recommend them only every 3 to 5 months if you’re using a high-end clumping litter.
  • Versatile: The Cateco litter box was tested with a wide variety of clumping and absorbing litters, both mineral and plant based. It works with the vast majority of them and extends their life cycle: no irritating transition issues for you or your pet.

For more information regarding this kit, please watch this short video.

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