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Almo Nature

Almo Nature - Clumping Biodegradable & Flushable Litter

Almo Nature - Clumping Biodegradable & Flushable Litter

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  • Absorbent, clumping and clean: liquids are absorbed and remain trapped in a thin clump on the surface, leaving both the tray and the remaining litter clean
  • Eliminates smells: urine is absorbed instantly neutralizing bad odors.
  • Safe, natural and non-toxic the litter is produced using only vegetable fibers and it’s additive-free, so it’s safe for your cat and the whole family.
  • Environmentally friendly 100% vegetable, compostable and biodegradable, the litter is totally free of additives and toxic agents and is flushable.

Material: Cassava root

Size: 10 lb

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